Growing jobs on Trees

Growing jobs on Trees
The big challenge for government right now is job creation, and a big part of that is to help create jobs that have value and don’t send Queensland broke.Most people are familiar with the expression KISS- keep it simple stupid, and that’s generally the best way to operate.Not all job creation ideas or schemes need to be huge and complex,especially when we’re trying to help people quickly, and it’s even truer if we’re talking about people that have a limited skill base or have been out of work for a long time.Another thing we should focus on is getting things going quickly.Big projects take time to plan and get going,and every day that passes for someone without a job the cost to them, their family and to society gets higher and higher.So…Lets KISS!
Whenever I drive around Caloundra-and I do, constantly, one of the things that strikes me is how lovely parts of the area look, and how not so lovely other places look.Some median strips on our main roads look great,trees and shrubs and so on, and thirty seconds up the road, grass and not much else, or worse, concrete.How about we turn all of our public spaces (where it’s safe) like median strips and roadside verges into a giant botanical garden using nothing but native trees and shrubs? It would encourage native bird life,help keep the soil and water table healthy, help keep our air clean and provide an almost instant boost to employment. And,an extra bonus, it wouldn’t cost the earth…actually,it would help SAVE the earth.
Big projects are important and nesesscery,and governments are right to do them, but they aren’t the be all and end all.Sometimes small steps are just as useful and worthy as big striding leaps.Of course, they don’t come with the feel good factor of a politician getting their mug on the six o’clock news,but they are no less worth thinking about for all that.More than anything,what I am trying to get across with this idea is that Caloundra needs someone working for us that can think outside the box, and not follow the leader.This greening Caloundra idea of mine won’t get hundreds of people into work,but it has the potential to help some of our neighbors or family, or even ourselves into work that is worthy, useful and has nothing but positive outcomes.Think about a car load of tourists driving into Caloundra and seeing a three dimensional tapestry of colour and birdlife.Think about better soil and a healthier water table, cleaner air and someone not on the dole.Think about that persons family not being more likely to suffer housing stress and an increased risk of family and domestic violence.

One small idea like this won't solve all, or even many of our problems but it is a start, and it's worth thinking about.As I say over and over, let's think outside the box.

Think outside the box-Vote One Mathew Hill Caloundra Independent.

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