Mathew Hill Independent

Independent Candidate Caloundra State Election For The Seat Of Caloundra.

The point of telling you this unremarkable story is by way of announcing that I am an Independent candidate in this October's State Election for the seat of Caloundra.

My name is Mathew Hill,I am fifty eight years old, happily married with two kids and a born and bred Queenslander.
Over the course of my working life I have spent time in every state except Tasmania, working in a stack of different jobs with fairly varied levels of success.For most of the last thirty years or so I have principally been in the hospitality industry, mainly as a chef but also a bit of bar and bottle shop stuff.Since a partial recovery from a work accident a couple of years ago I have been driving a taxi to keep going.

The current virus induced crisis has only served to highlight serious problems in our economy, and brought into sharper focus broader problems in our society; problems ranging from declining standards in our education system, ever lengthening surgery waiting times in our public hospital system,endemic and intergenerational welfare dependency and the issue of how best to manage our natural resources and to try and wind back some of the damage our previous poor management has caused.And that is just the start….did anyone mention our road congestion, our public transport system our…our….the list goes on and on.
Governments past and present have always struggled with the competing demands of the now and planning for next week, next year and the next ten or twenty years, the unknowns of our present situation is only going to make that task a lot harder in the future.One of life’s great truisms is that problems cannot be solved by either denying that the problem exists, or by failing to be completely honest about the real nature of the problem.By that,I mean failing to address individual responsibility in the origins of some problems and the capacity of individual choice and action to affect change in fixing those same problems.Addressing these realities requires two things in short supply in most of the human race, but in critical shortage amongst politicians-clarity and courage.Clarity gives the ability to see the real nature of things, courage the capacity to say out loud the often painful nature of things, and the frequently painful and sacrificing nature of what is required by way of solution.The bigger, or long lived a problem the greater certainty of pain in both those regards.
As true as what I have just said is self evidently true in regards to individuals and their issues within, and as a member of society, those ideas are doubly true when it comes to our political and civil leaders.The worst symptom of this lack of courage and honesty is the failure of both sides of politics to hold those closest to them ideologically or economically to the same standards of behaviour, or even worse, trying to rationalise and minimise poor or antisocial or even unlawful behaviour by their ‘friends’.Think of instances when a Labor government has bent to the will of their Union masters, or when the Conservatives have denied or minimised poor behaviour of the banks ,for instance.This tendency of ALL parties to cater mainly to that part of the electorate most likely to vote for them leads to another huge problem.If a member of Parliament, or a party, feels itself beholden to one particular subset, or demographic in the community, that politician, and their party will do their best to spare their core support base any pain they can.Almost always when a solution to a problem is proposed, and there is a dollar or behavioural cost attached, the politician or advocate will try and justify why ‘their people deserve special treatment-almost always at someone else’s expense.As a truly Independent Caloundra representative I will beholden only to good, honest, evidence based ideas when helping to fix the problems of our local area, AND the broader, longer term issues that Queensland faces.My conscience will be mine alone and I will always act with a fearless commitment to what I believe to be the best course of action in any and all situations.I absolutely will not ever make a decision based on a fear of voter backlash, if the people of Caloundra trust me enough to send me to State Parliament,I will assume that trust extends to allowing me to do what I think is in our collective long term interest.I will always listen to advice, suggestions and special pleading, but I truly believe that the true test of leadership is to lead, with humility, courage and good will-but, none the less, to lead, and to accept the consequences of making unpopular decisions, and of sometimes making the wrong decision.

Our Democracy belongs to us!!

Without exception, political parties in Queensland take money from almost anyone who throws it at them. Unions, big business, industry associations, foreign individuals and groups that have a barrow to push, our leaders have no problems cashing anyones cheque.Almost no group in history EVER gave money to a politician without wanting something in return, the very least that is expected is the opportunity to ‘have a word’ at a time of importance to the donor.Self interest rules-we give, we talk you listen, we give again, and again the cycle repeats.Even public funding of political parties is wrong-if an idea, or a point of view, or a campaign can’t sustain itself through the efforts and contributions of it’s supporters then there is no good reason why the rest of us should be compelled to support it through our taxes.I am making an unbreakable commitment now to only accepting help, wether in cash or kind, from private citizens that are Australian Citizens enrolled to vote.If the ideas that I argue for in this campaign can’t be sustained by my own resources and help from like minded people, then right or wrong they will go the way of the dodo.No member of our Parliament should be hostage to anyones best interest but the people of Queensland, the people that employ them.Most of ideas and strategies that I will discuss and hopefully get the opportunity to take to parliament will involve the discomfort of clear eyed, unemotional honesty, and the certainty of discomfort for some, but if we as a society and culture are to survive and recover, honesty and discomfort are unavoidable.And make no mistake, what we have in Queensland and Australia is worth keeping.Not perfect,I know, but still better than almost anywhere on earth.There are reasons why people from all over the world want what we have; freedom to make our own decisions, freedom from hunger, freedom from the fear of our neighbours because of differences in faith or language, freedom from the fear of the army, the police or the politicians-the list is so long we’re hardly aware of how different things are for us compared to the rest of the world.Politicians that are client’s of other’s money are a bigger danger to our precious freedoms than anything else, so no more!!
Our Democracy is not for Sale!!