Some Caloundra problems we can fix

There are any number of challenges facing whoever is in government after October’s state election, and some of them are complex and far reaching.They will require courage and foresight to fix, they won’t be fixed by politicians relying on slick slogans or highly polished ad campaigns, it will take wise, steady hands and genuine vision. Fortunately, there is a fair bit of really simple stuff we can, and should do now that would make a difference in people’s lives-low cost, low impact changes that have no, or very low negative impact on anyone.A really obvious example of what I’m talking about is the taxi rank at the Stockland shopping centre in Caloundra.For anyone who uses a walking stick, or frame, or for a mum with young children, or for someone with lots of shopping the taxi rank is a bit of a challenge.
Loading the shopping, or herding kids safely or just dodging the traffic if you move a bit slowly is more difficult and potentially dangerous than it should be, simply because of the position and layout of the rank.Firstly, security bollards limit access.
Next, the slope of the car park makes movement a bit of a challenge for anyone who is a bit unsteady on their feet, and the near constant passing traffic doesn’t help much either.How easy would it be to fix? A change of location, or a simple redesign, not much cost, problem solved.

Another easily fixed problem is people on skateboards and bikes(especially the powered variety-because of their speed) using the footpath in Bulcock street and in the main shopping strip in Golden Beach.I know that the law says that bikes, and skateboards, etc. have the right to share the space, and in most places that’s probably fair enough; but in places like the two I’ve just mentioned, where there is such a high number of elderly people, and people with mobility problems it becomes a safety issue, and an issue for people not feeling safe because of the potential for accidents.Simple solution-change the rules so that during daylight hours, when both those street areas are busy with the elderly and infirm, only foot traffic is allowed…..Simple!! And while we’re at it, how about enforcing the rules about people using powered mobility scooters not acting like they’re in a car, and driving down the streets in and out of traffic? It is dangerous and anti-social, and contributes to the disdain a lot of (younger) people have for older folk-and that’s fair enough because it shows disdain for other people and a disregard for sensible rules put in place to help keep people safe.
A final example of what I’m talking about-pedestrian crossings and bus stops.Every bus stop should be situated in a place where is possible to have a well marked and properly signed crossing.
Increased safety for all bus users, young, old and in between, and less stress for car drivers.If the rules say such and such has to happen, and that’s why we can’t change things, change the rules!!

More than anything, what I’m trying to show here is that what Caloundra needs is a local member that is genuinely proactive in seeing what goes on around our area and gets on the front foot to help fix and improve things without waiting for a complaint or a problem to arise.What Caloundra needs is energy and action…..

Vote One,Mathew Hill,Caloundra Independent.

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