Mathew Hill Independent candidate for the seat of Caloundra – An absolute Truth politicians will hate.

Mathew Hill Independent candidate for the seat of Caloundra
Caloundra Independant

Mathew Hill independent candidate Caloundra

Without exception,any time we have a crisis in Australia,governments,accompanied by a self interested cheer squad, respond by throwing money at the problem.Sometimes (although rarely) this response is warranted. Once in a very blue moon, something happens that is genuinely unprecedented, and therefore couldn’t be planned for.Here is a news flash-the UNPRECEDENTED rarely happens!! There are a couple of problems with the ‘Throw money at it’ school of thought, and the first is the idea itself.Because problems are almost never genuinely unprecedented, the effects of these things happening should have been planned for, if they are, then knee jerk responses are unnecessary. The present situation with Corona virus is a perfect example.
One of the things we have heard time and again since the beginnings of the current crisis is that none could have seen it coming, and therefore couldn’t have been planned for.It follows then that whatever our governments do/have done is the best they could have in the circumstances, and we should make allowances for mistakes made.The reality is very different-if you don’t want to go back over the last 10,000 years of recorded human history, just look back over your own lifetime-does anyone remember SARS? Bird flu?Swine flu? Ebola scares? The meltdown of 2008? The list goes on and on, and on, and….
The reality is that our current problems were always going to happen.The exact nature, origin and extent not so much, but a pandemic of some sort?an absolute, rolled gold certainty.In fact, statistically, we were overdue for a pandemic of some sort. How many times do our political leaders need to hear a knock on the door before they get out of their comfortably padded chairs that you and I have paid for before they get up and see what the noise is?
This lack of planning and the attendant problems shows up time and time again in our day to day lives-just drive down Caloundra road during peak hour if you don’t believe me.One of the greatest problems with long term planning is that it requires leadership, and real, genuine leadership requires courage.It takes courage to say to an electorate that progress requires payment, and that money is a limited resource. It takes courage to say to an electorate that some problems aren’t as important as others, and there is NO such thing as a painless solution-everything comes at a cost, sometimes that cost is a dollar figure, sometimes an inconvenience to some people, and sometimes solutions require sacrifice, and sacrifice always involves discomfort and change.
A big part of my campaign for the seat of Caloundra is an absolute commitment to being truthful at all times about what I see as problems and challenges that we as a community face, and an equally strong commitment to speaking the truth when I speak about possible causes and solutions. It is often hard, as both individuals and societies, to face the truth, and governments often refuse to speak the truth because ‘you can’t say that’ or because they don’t want to offend someone in their core support base, or a variation along those lines.No problem was ever solved by refusing to label something for what it really is, it has become to easy for us, and our leaders, to hide behind euphemisms and soft language.Truth is hidden in word shadows, and cures are buried in political cowardice.
Please support me by giving me your vote come October’s state election.Supporting me will involve hearing things a lot of people may not want to hear, there will be name calling, hurt feelings, real and pretend; and all sorts of nonsense spoken about motives, hidden agendas and the like but I tell you now what my my motives are-I want my two kids to grow up in a Queensland and Australia where they are free from want and fear, where they can succeed, or fail on their own merits, and where equality of opportunity, hard work and merit determine outcomes.I want, for them, a society where irrational hate and prejudice can’t hurt them or hold them back.I want that for myself for the rest of my life, and I want it for you and yours-we can’t have it in my family if you don’t have it in yours.
We have one of history’s great society’s here, but we could lose it in a heartbeat, through neglect and a lack of maintenance.Things aren’t perfect,I know, but there is a reason that people from all over the world come here.Your vote will help.