Questions of trust and loyalty

It should be a self evident truth that the job of any elected public servant (and that is what politicians are, or should be) is to work for the people of their electorate, and the wider community-in this case,Caloundra firstly, and then Queensland more broadly.After all, we, the voters, are the employers.That service should never be at the cost of a parliamentarians conscience, or at the cost of supporting a bad idea just to protect votes or feelings, but self interest should never trump good decision making.It is hard to imagine a more corrupting situation than the one we have now.Political parties, and politicians-both aspiring and already in Parliament, can, and do take money from almost anyone prepared to write out a cheque, or in the case of the Labor party, fill up a brown paper bag.And who amongst us wouldn’t want to write their own employment contract? Who wouldn’t want to be able to say when, and how they get a pay rise? I can almost hear someone in George street saying “hang on, we don’t! Pay-rises and such are decided by an independent arbitrator, it’s out of our hands!!” Well no, not really.When YOU design the system, and write the rules,YOU can pretty much get any outcome you want. During this campaign I will not, under any circumstances take help from anyone who is not an Australian Citizen that is also enrolled to vote in Queensland.I am also committing to taking a 20%cut in whatever the base salary for a backbencher is, and no pay-rises for my first term.In addition,I will place my Parliamentary superannuation monies in the same policy I’ve been in for years.There are simple reasons for this, the first being that if a person is genuinely motivated by a wish to render public service then anything above a good salary is just greed, and more importantly, this-if we are to find our way out of the debt and social crisis we are in, then sacrifices will have to be made, and change endured.Why should the people largely responsible for the the problems and the cure be immune from helping to pay the price? Our Democracy is ours, and should be ours alone.No secret bribes, and no secret agendas.No unaccountable influnces, no unaccounted for voices in public debate, ours and ours alone.

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