Things that do good, not things that look good

Vote one Mathew Hill

Vote One-Mathew Hill,Caloundra Independent.

Every time we have an election in Queensland the major parties engage in a bidding war to see who can bribe us with shiny toys and treats-a bit of a feel good sugar hit where the bill is still being paid off long after the rush has faded.
A perfect example of this tendency to favour style over substance is the announced plans for the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Stadium.
It sounds great doesn’t it? A big new stadium, lots of local jobs, big time footy games and concerts, and…..surprise surprise surprise…..Lots of photo opportunities for some grandstanding politician.I can picture it now, the Premier (whoever that is come October) flanked by the local member or the relevant minister, hard hat on head, a shovel in hand-for the only time in their life-with a cheer squad in the background, posing for the cameras, all in time for the six o’clock news and the front page of the next days paper.Both Labor and the LNP have committed to supporting this expansion and spending millions of our dollars to achieve it-why?
Caloundra ,and the Sunshine Coast region have far more pressing problems than building something that most of us will only ever drive past, or visit (at great cost) once in a very blue moon.What we need is representation that will fight for solutions to real problems that affect us all, every day of our life.How about a local member that has the common sense to fight for that money to be spent fixing the traffic problems in Caloundra?
What use is a shiny new stadium if you spend half the night sitting in traffic at the Caloundra or Bellvista road roundabouts before you even get there? Will that same shiny new stadium be much consolation to the average resident when they spend frustrating time, day after day sitting in traffic? How many of us will be sitting in traffic, slowly going crazy or running late and thinking to ourselves ‘gee,I’m so happy about the stadium, it makes all this delay worth it?’ My guess? Not many!!

Now, more than ever,Caloundra needs representation that doesn’t have to ever bite their tongue or follow the party line,Caloundra needs a local member whose sole focus is what’s best for us, and our home, our city.How much confidence do you have that either one of the major party candidates will put your and your homes best interest before party unity, before the need to protect their endorsement for the next election, or before the desire for the comforts and perks of ministerial office? As a truly independent candidate for the seat of Caloundra I am totally committed to never biting my tongue when it comes to fighting for this area, regardless of who it might upset, and I will absolutely never support a bad or wasteful idea just because it sounds good or, even worse, makes people feel good.
I have said before, and I say again-real leadership should never be a popularity contest, it should be about having the courage and common sense to argue the case for long term solution to problems, weather those problems are deciding spending priorities or addressing deep seated social issues.Real leadership recognises that very often the right thing is the hard thing, not the easy or popular thing.Real leadership knows that a failure to act with courage and conviction, and a willingness to swim against the tide is a true danger and a disservice to our community. A blind, unthinking repetition of YOUR past voting habits is an absolute guarantee that nothing will change-voting for :

MATHEW Hill INDEPENDENT, in October’s state election is a guarantee that someone will be fighting for the change we need-let’s face it, you could do worse, and usually have!!

Vote One-Mathew Hill,Caloundra Independent.

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