Football Games Double Standards and Political Convenience

Vote one mathew hill caloundra

Yesterday we got the news that this years AFL Grand final will be held in Brisbane.Our Premier is almost floating away on the wave of self congratulations and back slapping, with all the usual cliches about how this is a win for Queensland, a reward for keeping the AFL season alive, how it will put Queensland on the map, etc, etc, etc.It is nothing of the sort.Football is a big business in this country, and the AFL’s decision is based purely on the commercial and practical realities of keeping the business afloat, and that’s fair enough.The ALP Government’s strategy is another matter entirely, and yes,I am a cynic, but I believe everything that Annastacia Palaszczuk and her cronies do right now is calculated with one thing in mind-winning this years state election.Even if you want to take the view that the premiers motives are as pure as the driven snow, there are some serious questions that need to be answered about the financial and practical aspects of this event.
1)Why can’t we be told what the cost is? The Premier says that we can’t know, that it has to be a secret because it is “Commercial in Confidence” Rubbish. Firstly, it is our money; or more correctly, given the state of Queenslands finances, it is more borrowed money that we will be paying off long after the Premier and her mates retire in luxury on their taxpayer funded pensions.We have an absolute right to know the how, why and cost of everything done on our behalf.And just in case you’re wondering Premier……No, we don’t trust you.
2)For the Grand Final to take place, many hundreds of people will travel to Queensland from all over Australia, mostly from Victoria.You or I can’t travel past Tweed Heads for any reason, we can’t visit our elderly, ill or dying loved ones.We can’t travel for business, for holidays or for…well…anything.Our economy is dying and we are told time and again that it is the only way to save lives, but as soon as the premier sees an opportunity to big note herself-just in time for the election, mind, well….that’s ok!!
As I write this,Victoria is in COMPLETE lockdown, with no end in sight.Dictator Dan Andrews has turned Victoria into a giant prison-a giant disease ridden one at that, and yet our Premier says there is no risk to us? Football players in the ‘hub’ in Queensland can’t even go out for dinner or coffee but it’s ok for hundreds of people to travel here for the Grand Final?It is hard to escape the conclusion that this crisis is only a crisis when it suits some pollie. Good photo opportunities don’t make good policy, Premier.It’s simple, either the lockdown is necessary or it’s not. If it is, cancel the game.If it’s not, let us go about our lives.
3)The LNP opposition should be screaming the house down about all of the points I have just raised, and they aren’t.A few muted mutterings about secret deals don’t count as holding the government-to account.and protecting our best interests.The ALP and the LNP show time and time again why we need an independent voice in Parliament, or the big issues that affect our whole state, and for the local issues that affect you and I every day here in Calounra.

Vote One-Mathew Hill,Caloundra Independent.

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