Anyone who has been paying attention knows full well that our country, and the world, are in the middle of a health, and at the beginning of a social and economic crisis.If Queensland is to emerge intact from these challenges it will take a major shift in the way elected public servants go about their jobs.The first step is to start telling the truth without putting an extra coat of varnish on all the good news, and hiding the bad news behind the nodding dummy you (all!!) have standing behind you when you want to look decisive or tough minded at a press conference.Next step, admit when an idea isn’t working, and change tack.Nothing on earth is as dumb as continuing to do something that isn’t working because of an overactive ego and an under-active mind. Next, take responsibility.Don’t hide behind inquiries or reviews every time something goes wrong, or every-time a difficult decision needs to be made.Act as leaders should-with purpose, honesty and transparency.Lastly-there is a reason we have two ears and one mouth-listen a bit more, talk a bit less, and THINK a lot more.